Personal Coaching

“I’ve been working with Kristen for over three months and her coaching plan has completely changed my cycling for the better. My FTP is up over 20%, I completed GFNY with energy to spare, and I just got back from cycling the Dolomites – and while I did not “dominate” them by any stretch, I was able to climb more elevation than I ever thought possible. I’m continuing my coaching so that I can continue this amazing trajectory. Thanks Kristen!! You’re so good at what you do.”
– Kris F., Cape Cod, MA

“Finding Kristen as a personal coach was one of the smartest moves I’ve made. When I first met with her, I was impressed by her knowledge and confidence while discussing what we wanted to accomplish together. She believed we could reach my goals, and laid out a simple plan to do it. I found this to be immensely valuable because it allowed me to focus on the rest of my life, knowing I just had to follow the training plan. Best of all, she acts as a calm reassuring voice at critical times when I encounter challenges or anything unexpected. She makes it all seem easy and her plan works. It still seems like magic to me.”
– Elizabeth L., New York, NY

“My first Gran Fondo ride was 100% positive and I was very proud and happy to have this accomplished. Thank you for all of your help these past months I honestly must say I could not have made it if I had not had your advice and guidance. All those painful training rides paid off!”
– Jo’el E., New Jersey

“Kristen Phillips is a truly exceptional cycling coach. I reached out to her when I decided to ride my bike across Switzerland, and it was clear from the start that Kristen knew how to prepare me for the ride of my life. I needed a coach not just to give me a training plan and walk away, but to be responsive to my questions, hold me accountable, and check in on me. It was clear she read every word of my emails and addressed every question I had. We also connected via social media which helped us stay in touch even more. I’m incredibly happy with Kristen’s coaching abilities. She’s a wonderful, knowledgeable and experienced cyclist. I recommend her without reservation.”
– Michelle G., New York, NY

Skills Instruction / Group Coaching

“Today’s class was INCREDIBLE. Will definitely practice everything I learned and hope you teach another class again. Would love to take Basic Bike Handling and Advanced Bike Handling.”
– Lolita C., New York

“Thanks so much for the lesson today, it was so informative and also such a wonderfully welcoming environment for asking questions and troubleshooting our learning processes.”
– Amelia S., New York

“Thank you so much for the session today. I already feel more love towards [road] cycling!”
– Pei A., New York

“I am a relatively novice mountain biker who has taken a wide variety of skills clinics with various coaches, and Kristen is one of the best out there. Kristen exudes patience and the kind of quiet confidence that immediately puts me at ease. Her teaching and communication style is thoughtful, and her progressive technique instills confidence in me to push beyond my comfort zone, knowing that I have the fundamental skills to overcome the obstacle or accomplish the task at hand. In one hour with Kristen at a recent clinic, I was able to ride trail features that I never would have expected to do on my own!”
– Lucia D., New York

“I’ve been a lifelong athlete, training under lots of coaches in many sports over my lifetime. This past summer I had the opportunity to take a MTB clinic with Kristen.  I’d been riding MTB for almost 2 years, but was still looking to up my game. She took us to a few spots along the trail where we could focus on varied skills. She broke things down into simple steps: choosing a line, how to approach an obstacle, where to focus, etc.  I still need to work on my skinnies, but she had me up and over obstacles I never thought to try or thought I could handle. She gave me the courage and confidence to not only try, but succeed.  Those same obstacles today are a no-brainer.  Kristen is a patient, knowledgeable and supportive coach who has helped me take my riding to a new level.”
– Regina C., New York