I paint what I don’t have words to say. I want what is beyond this world and what is true without compromise. Art is a way I choose to explore love, joy, and truth more deeply. It is about capturing these feelings and putting them out there for others to experience. It is my way of rebelling against loveless expressions in the world. My art speaks for the beauty that is always there in ourselves and others. I use art to explore what it means to be unified, whole, and complete.

Each painting is a moment, abstracted, frozen in time. I work primarily with acrylic so I have freedom to correct mistakes and change direction at will. Repeating shapes and colors create freeform visual patterns that represent the fabric of reality, rhythms of life, flow state, and the idea of continuous motion. My use of visual repetition feels inextricably linked to the repetitive motion sport of cycling. Repetition calms the mind and helps induce a meditative state from which I can unfold. It’s a theme I visit in almost every painting as way to express continuity and oneness.

Every painting is a journey. There is no formula. Cycling continues to be a primary source of creative, physical, mental, and spiritual inspiration. In many paintings, the uplifting experience of riding a bike through nature is what I directly aim to express. Other times, it serves as a launch pad. Cycling represents communion with the outdoors, balance, grace, physical stamina, environmental awareness, and mental clarity. These experiences, created and shared daily, are a large part of my creative life. One is always informing the other.

September 2018