Bicycles and Brownstones (Urban Density No. 2) process

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Bicycles and Brownstones (Urban Density No. 2) process

Started: March 2014
Finished: January 2015

Trying to paint the way NYC feels. It’s true what they say– this city gets in your blood. It has its own pulse and plays by its own set of rules. About 1 in every 38 people in the United States lives here, and it definitely feels that way. But there’s a charm to it, and a creative spark that can happen every day if you’re open to it.

This is the sequel to Urban Density No. 1. To me it’s like the gentrified version. Summer days spent sketching in parks around the city were the source of most of the details here. It reflects my fascination with this place. Everywhere you look there is something else to see. And bikes. They seem to find me everywhere where I go. I finally let them make an appearance.

This is how the process unfolded.


I like to start completely freeform. No rules, no mistakes. Just wheeeeee….


Then, in this case, a little structure became necessary.


And a little more structure, still mostly just playing around.


Until I decided to go this direction.


And started adding structure all over again.


From here on the details start to build. Things get added, taken out, and put back in again.


I’m also trying to design a cohesive color palette.


The colors tell the story as much as the shapes do.


This is the last photo I took before the final. It was coming along but the majority of detail work hadn’t been done yet.


Bicycles and Brownstones (Urban Density No. 2)
30″ x 30″ acrylic on canvas, 2015


Top right corner


Top left corner


Bottom right corner


Bottom left corner


For these last 3 images I tried to capture the interference and iridescent paints that catch the light at certain angles.


They add a certain dynamic and I think they are really beautiful.


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