Kristen Phillips is a visual artist living and working in Brooklyn, New York. Phillips grew up in California and holds a BA in Art History and BFA in Visual Communication from Northern Arizona University. Her background in competitive cycling helped foster a connection to movement, flow, and nature– her main sources of inspiration.

Phillips’ art is a form of visual storytelling, with themes of city life, the mix of urban and natural, and geometric abstraction as recurring subject matter. She works primarily with acrylic on canvas, and has formal training in graphic and web design. The philosophy that outer life is a reflection of the inner world frames each work, conveying dynamic energy and stillness through shape, color, and multiple layers of paint.

Her painting process is born from love and inspired by beauty and the goal of her art is to share those ideas with others.

You can follow her process on Instagram: @kristenhphillips


“Toward freedom is the direction that the artist takes. Art work comes straight through a free mind — an open mind. Absolute freedom is possible.” – Agnes Martin

“You go as far as you can imagine.” – Sri Dharma Mittra